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Therapy dogs come all in breeds and sizes. The one thing they all have in common is a gentle, loving nature and a keen interest in comforting, calming and supporting people around them.

Rebecca & Artemis 2021_edited

Rebecca & Artemis

Julie & Isaac (Labrador Retriever)

Julie & Isaac

Yvonne and Prima

Yvonne & Prima

Ana & Bailey (Labrador Retriever)

Ana & Bailey

Melanie with Grits & Beans (Border Terrier and Chocolate Lab Retriever)

Melanie & Grits & Beans

Bob & Keaton (Miniature Poodle)

Bob & Keaton

Lorraine and Obi

Lorraine & Obi

Dona & Sandy (Sheltie)

Dona & Sandy

Ann & Lark

Ann & Lark

Silvia w Shadow

Silvia & Shadow

Ann Lambert and Bracken 6.24.2017

Ann & Bracken

Cathy & Harley (Lab/Golden X)

Cathy & Harley

Chris & Remy (Australian Labradoodle)

Chris & Remy

Min & Remy

Min & Remy

Michel & Copain (Standard Poodle)

Michel & Copain


Marilyn & Gordon & Monte

Alison & Apollo (Shih Tzu)

Alison & Apollo

Eileen and Sam (Emmonds)_edited

Eileen & Sam

Bev & Swift (Golden Retriever)

Bev & Swift

Laura & Mikka

Laura & Mikka

Tammy and Macy

Tammy & Macy

Theresa and Pierre

Theresa & Pierre

Jenepher & Neil

Jenepher & Neil

Deborah & Leela

Deborah & Leela

Antonia and Sadie

Antonia & Sadie

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