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Ottawa Therapy Dogs is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization that provides animal-assisted interventions throughout the National Capital Region.

Humans and animals share a powerful bond. That bond can be a source of comfort, peace and relief for those who suffer from physical or emotional pain. Handlers volunteer with their own dogs to improve clients’ physical, emotional and communication abilities. Therapy dogs can sometimes achieve results when other therapies have failed. Some of the healing benefits of therapy dogs include reduced blood pressure, anxiety, stress and loneliness.




Our vision is to enrich lives through the power of world-class animal-assisted interventions.



Our qualified dogs and handlers provide and promote ethical and safe animal-assisted interventions

to approved individuals and organizations.




  • 1999: Marilyn Benoit joins Therapy Dogs International, an organization that regulates, tests and registers therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers

  • 2000: Creation of Ottawa Therapy Dogs, the first Canadian chapter of Therapy Dogs International

  • 2002: One of the seven original members of Ottawa Therapy Dogs is certified as an evaluator by Therapy Dogs International, leading to an increase in the number of therapy teams in Ottawa

  • 2003: Ottawa Therapy Dogs incorporates as a non-profit charity in Ontario and is designated as a registered charity, becoming an autonomous organization 

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