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Becoming an OTD Facility


Where we go


You’ll find Ottawa Therapy Dog programs at hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, social service agencies, schools, libraries, and community organizations throughout the National Capital Region.


How it works


Before a first visit, we carefully assess the needs of the facility and its clients. Our Administrator then places dog/handler therapy teams where their strengths and abilities are best suited.


To ensure that clients are comfortable and confident with our services, an OTD mentor always accompanies a new therapy team to the first facility visit.


We maintain an ongoing collaboration with each facility to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of OTD services.


What we need


1. A designated contact person to coordinate facility visits

This includes arranging for timing, location,  liaison with staff, volunteer requirements, changes in schedule, and feedback


2. A staff person to accompany the OTD team when visiting the facility


3. Suitable physical space for visits


In nursing/retirement homes, this could be individual resident’s rooms or a lounge/common room. In a school, it could be a separate room for one-on-one reading or other therapeutic activity. We ask that facility staff provide “crowd control” as needed.


When you’re ready to bring the healing power of therapy dog teams to your facility, please contact OTD’s Administrator. We’re proud of our work and happy to provide references.