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Volunteering with Ottawa Therapy Dogs


Ottawa Therapy Dogs Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that relies on the strength and commitment of its volunteers, who lend their time, talents and skills in many different ways.


OTD members (handlers) are active in the field with their therapy dogs. Members deliver therapy services and take part in speaking engagements and special events.


OTD associate members do not have therapy dogs active in the field. Associate members participate on committees, lead campaigns and initiatives, advocate for OTD, or manage a program or project.


Want to participate in non-dog-related activities?


Welcome aboard! You can contribute your time and skills by helping with:


• Public relations/communications/newsletter

• New member orientation and evaluation

• Committee and project work

• Community outreach and fundraising

• Special events


What’s in it for you?


• The joy of sharing a wonderful companion animal with others

• The satisfaction of seeing clients connect emotionally with a dog

• The pride of watching good dogs doing great work

• The opportunity to lead initiatives and see them to completion

• The knowledge that you’re doing something important and meaningful


You are invited to learn more about us by attending our next 1-hour

OTD information session.

Ready to volunteer? We’d love to hear from you!